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Between clothing and props, madame lili, a fabulous magician of his time, returns to demonstrate to the public that after a long time of retirement still the magic invades you. his great goal, achieving his dream... fly. with two mysterious trunks madame lili will surprise the public leaving them speechless.

With great tenderness madame lili takes us into a world of magic, mystery, dance and aerial acrobatics with a fun audience participation. show with infrastructure autonomous for room or street with duration of 50 minutes and for all audiences.

"Off" Street Award of Zaragoza in 2008


ENTREDOS goes into a fantastic and absurd, poetic and comic world where neither you or anyone know if these in a dream or you're awake. Suspended in the air, bags help you reach this world, which doesn't know what his dream but accepts it as real. Aviation, poetic and very visual circus to room and street with autonomous structure. duration of 50 minutes and for all audiences..

Prize of the public at the 27 Edition of the international fair of theater and dance in huesca in 2013.